Tomorrow’s Show and The Sport of Politic

May 26, 2007 | WNST Interns

Last night I wrote a long piece about the Orioles woes but have decided not to post it because it’s a waste of time for me, you and the Universe. I watched them get the lead, blow the lead and blow the game. Done. Move on. Let’s talk about ANYTHING else.
Tomorrow morning on the show Andrew and I will be lambasting Michael Vick, Elijah Dukes and the "nut bag" stripper who ran away to the United Arab Emirates after she swindled a bunch of guys and all of NASCAR with some phony racing scam. Details to follow tomorrow morning.
We’re also going to be talking with the owner of a rather unique children’s day camp. I’m holding back the details on this for now but you’ll want to hear it. Promise. 
let’s talk a little bit about politics. I know. I know. This is a sports talk station and we’re only supposed to cover sports but, as far as I’m concerned, politics IS a sport. Hell, you can bet it! 
I’m trying to get excited early this year about potential Democratic and Republican nominees but, I’m telling ya, I don’t see anyone I’m jazzed about. I don’t think Obama’s ready. I don’t LIKE Hillary Clinton. I’ve never known what she stands for and the sound of her voice makes me want to put a revolver in my mouth. Can you imagine having her for a wife? Do you think you’d ever get to do things YOU want to do? Bill and Monica? Not saying it was right but I get it if you know what I mean.
Alright, what about Joe Biden? Straight talker. No nonsense guy. Great foreign policy guy.   Can’t win. Not happening. He has a tendency to put his foot in his mouth and is a lock to flame out. 
So on the Democrat side that leaves John Edwards who, I believe, will get the nomination. I worry about Edwards because he looks TOO good. No one should be that good looking. No one his age should look that young. Damien from The Omen?   Let’s just say I’m concerned.
On the Republican side I can’t pick a potential nominee because I don’t want any of them to win. I’ll admit it here and now. I’m a democrat. Not a die hard liberal. Not a "support any cause because Sean Penn says I should" democrat. I just tend not to like anything the Republicans offer. So who’s it going to be for the elephants? 
McCain probably. Or Romney. It won’t be Giuliani. Trust me. When the "values" issue is raised Rudolph’s gonna come off looking bad. 9/11 aside, the Far-right will hate him. And for Republicans, if you don’t have the Bible folk, you don’t win.
Okay, next blog will be back to sports… maybe.
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