Trade Tejada??

May 09, 2007 | WNST Interns

Miguel Tejada

2004 – 203 hits / .311avg / 34HR / 40 doubles / 150 RBI – The most RBIs by an Oriole in a single season EVER!!! / All-Star HR Derby Winner.

2005 – 199 hits / .304 avg / 50 doubles – The most doubles by an Oriole in a single season EVER!!! ( Tied with Brian Roberts ) 26HR / 98 RBI / ALL-Star MVP

2006 – 214 hits – The most hits by an Oriole in a single season EVER!!! 37 doubles / .330avg / 24HR / 100RBI

Keep in mind that Tejada has had ZERO protection in the lineup since he has been an Oriole and that he has played in EVERY game since he has been here. Keep in mind that he was in the POSTSEASON for 4 straight years before arriving in Baltimore. He has set a single season all time RECORD every year he has been here. He LOVES the game of baseball. He played year round until last year.

Trade the entire team but Tejada, a former AL MVP and a guy who has post-season experience. He is sick of losing. He doesn’t accept losing.  He realizes that everyone else on the team (with the exception of a player or two) has accepted losing.

The Ravens first pre-season game is 7 p.m. on Monday, August 13, against the Eagles.  I can’t wait to go downtown and have some fun.