TROY SMITH BELONGS IN BALTIMORE plus other NFL draft thoughts..

April 30, 2007 | WNST Interns


Andrew and I actually look like geniuses.  We told you in this blog that Troy Smith was seen at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Baltimore and, sure enough, the Ravens grabbed him.  I think this is an excellent move. 

I said it on our show yesterday.  Troy Smith WILL be a winner in the NFL.  Yes he’s short.  So what?  Drew Brees is short.  Michael Vick could practically be a jockey.  Doug Flutie didn’t do too badly and he has to sit on telephone books to reach the desk when he’s doing television. 

Troy Smith is going to have that “Tom Brady-like” chip on his shoulder and will play with a competitive edge guys like Kyle Boller just don’t have.  McNair is the perfect guy to teach Smith and trust me, by the opening game, Smith will be a reliable backup.  I once saw Kyle Boller in a tanning salon during training camp.  Well, he’ll have plenty of time to work on that tan now.

As for first round pick Ben Grubbs, he’s big and strong and gives the Ravens exactly what they need.  Well, okay, Staley would’ve been better because he can be groomed for left tackle but I’m sure Grubbs will contribute in a big way. 

Marshal Yanda is a great pick in the third round. Iowa has produced a lot of great offensive line talent and Yanda, while probably not the guy Staley is, has a great work ethic and good technique.

Not sure about Yamon Figurs.  Taking a return specialist can be risky. Yes, he’s fast and can break a game open ala Devin Hester or Dante Hall but guys like this can also fool coaches into thinking they have more skills as a pass receiver than they really do.  Again, let’s take a wait and see approach with this.  Of course who am I to judge Ozzie Newsome?


They trade up to get a criminal safety from Miami, one of the kids involved in the Florida International fight incident.  In fact, they draft the ring leader!  Then today they trade for Randy Moss, a guy known as a divisive force in the locker room and someone who’s had his moments in front of a judge. 

One of two things will happen this season, either the Patriots make it deep into the playoffs or Bill Belichick starts bringing a set of handcuffs with him to the team meetings. 

Personally I think that both of these guys, Moss and Brandon Meriweather, will contribute and walk the straight and narrow path playing for a coach who has shown that he’s not to be toyed with.  New England has a class organization and great team leadership.  The Bengals felony record is safe.


NOT!  True, he lost as much as eighteen million dollars but with those boyish good looks and the fact that Cleveland has some of the hottest women I’ve ever seen, he’ll be fine.  Will he be a great quarterback?  No.  He’s Joey Harrington without the musical skills (Harrington as an accomplished pianist) and will always be known as the REALLY GOOD LOOKING QUARTERBACK WHO ISN’T REALLY GOOD.


The Dallas Cowboys traded out of the first round and got a great deal from Cleveland who took Brady Quinn.  Then, a few minutes later, the Cowboys gave up quite a bit to Philly in order to grab defensive end Anthony Spencer, a “tweener” guy who wasn’t projected to go in the first round at all.  Does Jerry Jones know something that no one else does?  Curious to see how this plays out.