Troy Smith, Cullen Finnerty, Ray Lewis, and Romo-Simpson-Owens gate

December 20, 2007 | WNST Staff

The Troy Smith era has come for Ravens fans. Troy Smith will get the start when the team travels to Seattle to take on the Seahawks. At this time it is not even known whether Kyle will be able to be the backup for Troy on Sunday or if they will have to go with Cullen Finnerty.
It will be a wait and see with Ray Lewis as to how he is feeling as far as his hand goes when the team gets to Seattle. Ray has not practiced all this week, but that has never been an issue for Ray before. Barring that he is not medically cleared to play on Sunday I would expect that you would see #52 out there on Sunday.
For those waiting to hear from Steve Bischotti as to whether Brian Billick will be back or not for the 2008 season will not have to wait long. The end of season recap press conference with Steve, Brian, and Ozzie will be taking place right after the beginning of the New Year.
Looking outside of the Ravens for a second, this whole Tony Romo- Jessica Simpson- Terrell Owens situation is pretty funny. Look I have no problems at all with Romo dating Jessica Simpson that actually makes me like him a little bit more in my opinion. However some fan really thinks that there is something to it, because there is now a website where you can go and print up Jessica Simpson face cut outs and wear them to the game.