Trying to Figurs Things Ou

April 29, 2007 | WNST Interns

When the Ravens decided to trade out of their second spot, I have to admit, I had no idea where they were going with this. I know they valued that third pick, but not to the point where they’d give up their second pick for it.

On the other hand, I didn’t think a lot of the guys they have remaining on the board as far as a second round choice. These guys were all third round selections at best. But when the Ravens finally made their third round pick, my phone started blowing up with text messages.

Who is Yamon Figurs? That was the number one question asked of me. The answer on all accounts, I don’t know. From what I hear, he’s a 5”11’, 174 pound receiver and return specialist. Before you question that, ask yourself how much did we miss our return specialist down the stretch?

For a team that doesn’t have a lot of immediate needs, this was a pick that addressed an immediate need. They addressed that need with a player who had one of the fastest forty time in the combine. That is significant for a return specialist more so than just a wide receiver.

Now, for Marshall Yanda, I have to admit, I don’t know a lot about the guy, but drafting another guard further leads me to believe Keydrick Vincent’s days are numbered here in Baltimore. It also leads me to believe the future is now for the Ravens offensive line.

Just speculation, but maybe Chris Chester plays more guard this year until Grubbs is ready. That of course is if Grubbs isn’t ready out of camp.

The conclusion that I draw is that the Ravens already have their center of the future on the roster (Chester), and they have Grubbs as their guard opposite Jason Brown and Yanda at 6’4, 304 pounds, could be your sixth offensive lineman down the road. Aren’t you glad the Ravens don’t pay me to make those decisions?