UFC news

August 16, 2007 | WNST Staff

The Ravens will return to the field here at McDaniel College at 2:15 this afternoon.
Some big guest will be joining the Rob Long Show today during the UFC/MMA segment. John Rallo of Ground Control will join Rob as usual, but also joining them will be UFC ref and icon Big John McCarthy. They will also be joined later during that segment  will be Dan Henderson who currently hold two titles in the Pride fighting and will be taking on Quinton Rampage Jackson at a upcoming UFC PPV.
I will be listening in during a conference call for the upcoming UFC PPV, which will feature Randy Couture, Dana White, and other participants in the PPV.
Also John I am sure will talk about the upcoming seminar that will be held at his school featuring UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Serra. I am very much looking forward to participating in the seminar in a couple of weeks.