Vince MaMahon dead? Yeah Right

June 13, 2007 | WNST Interns

Tragedy struck the WWE last night. Vince McMahon’s limousine was blown up at the end of the show. McMahon was in the limo at the time. The FBI has taken over the investigation and has yet to find a body. Investigators believe that McMahon’s body could have been incinerated in the blast. You have to go to and read the stories. Hilarious. Rasslin is the best!!!
Are the Orioles still playing? I hate to say this but I haven’t watched an entire Orioles game in a week. I love the Orioles, I love baseball, but the Orioles suck. They suck every year. It’s like watching a bad movie over and over again. Once a proud organization, the Orioles are one of the biggest jokes in all of sports.
Am I the only person who didn’t watch the Sopranos? I got tired of that show about three years ago. I am glad its over. I will stick to TV land.
I rented a movie called Smoking Aces. It’s a good flick. It’s definitely a dude movie. It has some great actors and everyone gets shot. I highly recommend it. It is available on dvd.
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