Walk Like a…Cabrer

May 02, 2007 | WNST Interns

Maybe it’s because I took him earlier than I should’ve in my
fantasy draft, but I tend to follow Daniel Cabrera more closely than I do any
of the other Orioles starters and what I’m seeing lately scares me.  I’m either going to trade him or drop him or
find out where he lives and give him a good “talking to”.  He’s imploding.  He’s allowing guys like Tejada to influence
his pitching and he’s all about walks again. 

I thought the laser surgery would help.  I mean it’s not something that can become
UNDONE, is it?  No.  It’s the kid’s head that I’m really concerned
with.  To get involved in the
Sheffield-Tejada thing last night was foolish. 
As Sam Perlozzo said about Sheffield- “I’ve
watched him for years. If I had to pick someone [to tick off], he wouldn’t be
the guy.”

The staff is pitching scared.  They’re pitching to not give up the long
ball.  And that’s worked.  They’ve served up the fewest home runs of any
team in the major leagues.  But here’s
the rub.  When you don’t have the
“stuff” to get guys to swing at bad pitches they end up on base.  Two guys on base and a single usually leads
to a run. 

Now you end up with a run in and two more guys on base
without an out. Better to pitch to guys and if they tag one off the scoreboard,
fine.  You give up the run but now you
can reset with no one on base.  Simple.

Bottom line is that the Orioles don’t have enough bats to
compensate for erratic pitching.  And if
Sam Perlozzo doesn’t figure out how to control the club house and bench guys
like Tejada for inciting stupid behavior, the team is going to keep
losing.  If you’re a fan of the Orioles
you have to ask yourself this realistic question- are they the type of team that
can go on long losing streaks and then put together an equally long win
streak?  Unfortunately, the answer is
NO.  Turn it around RIGHT NOW or the
season is over.  Again.  Sorry.