Watch Your Mouth, Joe Jordan…

August 16, 2007 | WNST Interns

Even when they do the right thing, the Orioles just can’t help picking a fight with their fans.

The Orioles’ Scouting Director, Joe Jordan, is quoted by Dan Connelly in this morning’s Baltimore Sun thusly: "They got the deal done.  You can tell the city of Baltimore that the old evil owner stepped up and took care of things tonight.  We had to fight to the end."

Well.  Apparently the organization’s attitude of contention towards their fans extends to the scouting department as well.  Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  I think I’ll go buy tickets for the next Tampa Bay series today.

A few things for you to consider, Mr. Jordan.  I’ve never met you, don’t know who you are, and quite frankly could care less.  But you need to understand the following:

A.  Your comments are extremely ill-advised.  Especially coming in the same week that Dave Trembley and Brian Roberts came out with unfriendly observations regarding the dwindling fan base.  Stick to scouting, please.

B.  As a private businessman, allow me to offer you some advice: Don’t refer to your boss as old or evil, ever.  I realize you’re being overtly sarcastic towards us, the fans, by using that phrase, but did you stop to consider that perhaps Peter Angelos may be somewhat offended by your description of him?  You must feel awfully secure in your job.  Maybe too secure.

C.  For the first time since I can’t even remember, your franchise FINALLY DID THE RIGHT THING!  Even if Matt Wieters proves a bust, he was regarded by all scouts as the best prospect in this draft.  So you signed him with ten minutes left to the deadline?  Wow.  Yippee.  It only begs one question: What took you so long?  Wasn’t it obvious from the moment you or Angelos selected Wieters that you’d have to ignore the "slotting system" provided by MLB and pony up the big bucks?  Again, what took you so long, and why did it literally have to come down to the final minutes?

D.  Your use of the verb fight to describe the negotiations is extremely apt.  Because that’s all your franchise has shown an interest in over the past seven years or so.  Fight with the fans, fight with the Maryland Stadium Authority over a scoreboard, fight with the city of Fort Lauderdale over that dump of a Spring Training complex, fight with Comcast over creating MASN, fight with MLB over the relocation of the Montreal Expos to D.C.  Excellent usage, Joe.  I couldn’t have advised you any better.  Now go tell your organization to fight to sign some free agents this offseason and improve the offense.

This is for everyone else who works for that once-proud franchise that we all want to love again: Stop picking fights with your fan base!  IT’S NOT OUR FAULT YOU’VE BEEN SO INEPT FOR THE PAST DECADE!

One more thing, Joe.  Next time any reporter asks you for a quote, try these two little words: "No comment."

Now go find this team some more young talent.  Because that’s really what you’re supposed to do, right?  Go fight to find the best talent available.