We don’t play 90 feet for nothing!

October 19, 2007 | WNST Interns

Kids if you are watching the playoffs then I hope you all learned last night why we run hard on "everything all the way!"…"take what they give you!"…."Get all you can and give nothing back!" Because Manny being Manny on a fly ball to the wall that bounced off the top of the padded fence and back into play while Manny admired it. He should have been busting his ass to get into scoring position "just in case!" But NOOOOOOOOO! He gives my wife amunition to argue with me about him. She called him a slob the other night and then last night after this debacle she calls him a "HOTDOG"….So, Big Poppy scores from first because he is playing the game the right way and Manny has an RBI SINGLE!!!!

It is times like this that make me cringe watching the so called pro’s! We teach our ball players to "leg it out everytime!" and here is one of the most feared hitters in the game walking down the base path on a hard hit ball that goes to the wall. "We don’t play 90 feet for nothing" you big dummy! RUN HARD ALL THE TIME! It is the easiest thing to do on a baseball diamond. Your team is on the verge of being eliminated and you stand there and gloat?

Anyway. the Red Sox are still alive.

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