We Told You So

September 21, 2007 | WNST Interns

The cover story on The Sun’s sports section is,  "On The Move."

If Tejada isn’t traded, he could be shifting from short to third.

About five weeks ago during WNST’s ballpark reports on Rob Long and Michael Popovec’s shows, I mentioned that you might be seeing a position change with Tejada. Its not shocking news considering Tejada’s play at short, and others may have known.

I just overheard two people talking about it and they didn’t know I was listening. The point is, if you listen to WNST, you would have known that FIVE weeks ago.

I know that baseball is on the backburner here in Baltimore right now, but there are some awesome pennant races going on.

Since the Orioles aren’t an option, I need to pick a team for October. No Yankees! Red Sox fans think that the Red Sox are some storied franchise. They have won once in the last 90 years. It’s only been once in the last 25 for the Orioles. We have to deal with Philly and Cleveland fans. That eliminates them. You can’t root for the Brewers because of Bud Selig. The Mets are from New York. Arizona and the Angels got a ring not long ago. That leaves the Cubs and San Diego. The Cubs have great fans and they never win so, "Go Cubs!!!"

Go Ravens!!!
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