Week #2 Investment Strategies

September 15, 2007 | WNST Interns

Buffalo +10 at Pittsburgh: I’m not sure Pittsburgh is that good. Remember, they didn’t make the playoffs last year, they have an untested coach, and Cleveland is no litmus test. Buffalo, while being somewhere between unspectacular and downright boring, usually find a way to keep it close.

Green Bay + 2 1/2 at NY Giants: The Giants defense is beat up, their quarterback is beat up, and their coach is already starting to clean out his office. The Packers got better as last year went on, and they feel very good about stealing a win against a good Eagles team.

Green Bay/NY Giants over 38: The Packers need to score three touchdowns against a defense that gave up 45 points last week. If they can do that, somehow the Giants can manage two touhcdowns. Then one field goal will push and two field goals will win. That’s my theory at least. Really, a team scores 35, gives up 45, and the over/under for their next game is 38. I don’t get it.

Oakland +10 at Denver: I think Denver is overrated too. Remember this new quarterback, the one that sent Jake Plummer into a Bobby Fisher like seclusion. Has he done anything good yet? Anything? I know they keep telling us that he’s going to be good, but I haven’t seen it yet. I hope I don’t see it this week. But on the other hand, I picked the Raiders for under 5 1/2 wins for the season, so I want them to keep it close, but I don’t want them to do anything crazy like actually win.

I’m rooting for Washington over Ohio State just so Ty Willingham can laugh at those Golden Domers that ran him off.

Finally, I know Nestor and Ray are at Ram’s Head seeing Tesla in concert tonight. I saw Tesla back at the original Hammerjacks in 1995 (before it became a parking lot). They were a very underrated band. If you are a middle thirties white guy like me, you need to own their greatest hits Time’s makin changes. Go buy it, then turn it up as loud as your old ears can take.

Good luck this weekend. Here’s hoping for 3-1, but at worst a kiss from our sister.