Welcome to Monday Night RAW!

July 03, 2007 | WNST Interns

So, it’s about 7:30 on Monday night and I am about to put my son to bed for the night. This is the same thing I have done for the last 3 years and a few months, but for the last week it has felt different. I have felt different. You see each Monday after I put my son to bed I have done the same thing for the last 3 years and for that matter every year since 1993. I have relaxed and waited for Monday night RAW. I know OMG (Oh my god) another wrestling fan. Well yes, I am for as long as I can remember, you are as well, you just don’t admit it. Maybe not anymore, but at some point you were. Anyway, I would get ready for Monday night RAW, but now I am not as excited….not since the horrible occurrences of last weekend. If you have no clue what I am talking about, stop reading this blog…because the rest will bore you.

Last Monday I did as I just did today, but instead of RAW starting at 9pm they started at a special time of 8pm. So I put the TIVO on and went about my business. Then about 7:53pm my cell phone went off…I missed it, but it was Rob Long calling…then about 5 minutes later a friend who was supposed to be in Vegas called….he asked if I had heard the news…which I had not. So, I went online to read the horrible news. A wrestler, who I had met briefly many years ago, died, along with his entire family. I felt horrible, sad and shocked. How could this happen? Why does this happen? Well as we know the How is now apparent and the WHY, we may never know. I know I will never understand it. As the days have passed the story gets more disturbing….today they announced how his 7 year old was killed, which was by this person’s finishing move…I felt sick to my stomach. This person, who by all accounts was as professional and nice a person they ever met, how could he do this…really HOW? So, now when I feel myself getting upset at my 3 year old…I am a bit different, I can’t get all that upset, I feel blessed he is in my life, that I get to kiss him on the head and say goodnight .

I have read way too much on the events of last week…I have read people trash the WWE and blame them for their actions and their loose drug policy. I have read the WWE was so wrong to run a tribute show last Monday. I have read how horrible “Professional Wrestling” is and how terrible the wrestlers must be. I read that the WWE should have done more to prevent this and other tragedies of the past. The other wrestler’s who’s’ lives could have been saved if Vince McMahon has said…enough.

Um, hey….has anyone in the world heard of MLB or the NFL….or the WHO? WHO is the World Health Organization. Today I read that the WHO said that ONE BILLION people would die from Smoking and tobacco related illnesses this century. ONE BILLION…let me say it again ONE BILLION. So, what in the world does this have to do with the WWE and the tragedies of last week? Well, nothing really, and everything. If you are going to condemn the WWE for their decisions within the past and of this past week, then you must condemn every single company in the world, who has ever permitted a person that smokes, chews tobacco or any other activity associated with tobacco products to continue to work for them without giving them the help they needed to quit. It’s not enough to have them smoke outside of the building or in a smoking-room, those are just providing them a place to kill themselves…I mean real help.

Steroids are bad, but I doubt they will kill or lead to the deaths of ONE BILLION people in the next century.  So if you do not like wrestling, no problem, don’t watch it….but, please do not condemn the entire organization because of a sick person, who did an unimaginable act. They are entertainers, what they do is entertain. They have entertained me since I was 6. The same way the cast of Desperate Housewives entertains some, the WWE entertains others.  So, as I get ready to be entertained tonight, it still feels different, but my 3 year old is now asleep and that makes me smile.