Well, At Least It Wasn’t A One Run Gam

June 05, 2007 | WNST Interns

I don’t want to be one who can’t get past an issue, but winning is a habit that you must learn. We are creatures of habit, so if you are use to losing, it’s difficult to know how to win, unless you’ve learned how to.

The Orioles, as I write this blog, just lost 7-4, to the Seattle Mariners. This means the team’s losing streak now stands at four games. This, on the heels of a six game winning streak. Two more games, and it’s a "wash."

The O’s constantly make bad moves after bad moves. It has become a habit. It doesn’t matter who Sam Perlozzo calls on from the bullpen, it doesn’t seem to transpire into a win for the Birds. It’s almost as if this team is destined to lose. But we know better than that. This team is in desperate need of a transfusion. New blood if you will. Instead, the organization constantly gets cosmetic surgery. That means, we look good on paper, but…