We’re Racing In Dover …

June 04, 2007 | WNST Interns

Well, it’s an overcast, soggy Monday morning in Dover ….. but, the track is drying and the cars are being prepped for 400 miles of intense action. Sunday was an absolute washout, with the race being called off at about 2 p.m. The race is set to begin shortly after noon, and the anticipation is certainly beginning to build.

Surprisingly, a lot of fans have hung around and a decent crowd is expected. I’ve had a chance to really look at drivers and crew members this morning …. and they obviously just want to get out of Dover. Aside from hanging in the casino, there’s really not much to do around here when it rains …. except joining in on casual conversations regarding "NASCAR Nation".

Most informal conversations are centered around Dale Earnhardt Jr., and where he’s likely to end up next season. Rumors really started flying yesterday, as FOX’S Jeff Hammond went live with his prediction that Junior would end up with Joe Gibbs Racing, in 2008. Hammond further predicted that VISA will be the primary sponsor …. as we know, Gibbs is taking a "hypocritic" stance on Budweiser as primary sponsor.

Honestly, I don’t see this scenario materializing. Junior is loyal to the "King of Beers" …. enough said. For all the Tony Stewart fans (and critics) out there …. check out tomorrow’s blog. I’ll be taking issue with NASCAR’S surly version of Barry Bonds/Erik Bedard. You heard it here …. and I have it "first hand" – with a witness.

As for today, I’ll blog with live updates …. throughout the race, as I’m perched above the track in the media center. As for a forecasted winner …. I’m not betting against Jimmie Johnson or Jeff Gordon. They OWN "Car of Tomorrow" races.