What Am I Missing

May 09, 2007 | WNST Interns

I’m really not understanding the fan’s outcry of “trade Miguel Tejada.” This is the best player on this Oriole team. He has been the most productive player on this team since he arrived in 2004.

You would think that Orioles’ fans would have learned from their history. In the late 1980’s, we complained of Eddie Murray and his lack of effort. We complained that he needed glasses and wouldn’t wear them. We threw the player out, and accused him of being “washed up.”

Murray went on to finish up a very productive year, and with the exception of the “Why Not” season, the Orioles took over six years to truly recover.

Today, it seems to be the same thing. We want to get rid of the “franchise” player and keep the complimentary players. I have news for you, Brian Roberts is a lot easier to replace than Tejada. Why not look at the team? Eddie Murray, and now Tejada had problems with the way the organization is being operated. What are you really going to get in return for Tejada? I’d much rather have a player of his caliber to give me a little reason to go to the ballpark.

Oh, for those of you who believe Tejada has declined, for whatever reason, take a look at Brian Roberts’ numbers over the past three years.