‘What An Idiot’ …. (Napoleon Dynamite, 2004

May 25, 2007 | WNST Interns

I’d love to see some footage of the guy who decided to hurl Frank Thomas’ 493rd homerun back onto the field last night. Yep, some “knothead” caved into peer pressure and shot-putted this meaningful piece of baseball history from the left field seats. This ball represented Thomas’ tying the legendary Lou Gehrig, for 21st on the career homerun list.

Where did this insane ritual of hurling the opposing team’s homers back onto the field originate? Was it Wrigley Field? Think about it folks …. if you wanna learn things from fans of another team, why choose the team that’s been mired in a storied tradition of losing that dates back further than any other franchise? A piece of advice – don’t follow Cubs fans.

The guy who nabbed Thomas’ homer could have easily peddled it on eBay for at least a few hundred bucks. Hey, that’s a few hundred bucks more than the “Geek Squad” will be getting for their Greg Zaun autographs. Consider this …. there’s a ton of Gehrig and Yankees historians, who would’ve loved to own this piece of memorabilia. In fact, Thomas probably would’ve traded a bat or glove for the ball, given its significance.

Fate ensures us that someday, someway, we’ll all have a shot at becoming part of an incident that’s significant …. last night, one such occasion occurred, and that idiot in the left field seats threw away his opportunity, along with the baseball.