What else? Wild Bill

August 21, 2007 | WNST Staff

Section 34 in review …

The only word I can  say that applies to all things ORIOLES today, is SAD.

My experiences with Wild Bill are too numerous to type. I lived in Northwood — the neighorhood next to Memorial Stadium, during Wild Bill’s heyday. He was a figure, and now that I reflect, I took him and the times for granted. I always thought they would be there, but then again, I always thought my BALTIMORE O’s would be there for me too. Death is a reality — never welcomed — but reality. That’s something we can’t control.

BUT honor Wild Bill by making someone in the ORIOLE organization know they need a reality check. Unlike death, they do have control of this rich team’s history. Total O’s number one fan Wild Bill, (Fan Hall of Famer) would tip his white cowboy hat to the fans trying to "Bring back the Birds."

Thank you Wild Bill, my friend, my memory maker, and now my Angel in the outfield.

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