What Free the Birds 2006 gave me, and cost me.

September 21, 2007 | WNST Staff

In the early 80’s I lived a stones throw from Memorial Stadium.  Life was good, my childhood sports goober-dome had come full circle, and my Baltimore Orioles were on fire.  The work production at major law firms and title companies fell dramatically, while some of us scarfed up as many playoff tickets as we could.
 Anyone that meets my husband quickly realizes he is a calm natured person-until  the sports demon comes to surface.
I will never forget being in the temporary seats, front row, 1st base side , in the game against the Cincy REDS, where my demon heckled Pete Rose, to the point that ROSE  gave him the bird, and not of the baseball variety,on National TV.
I will never forget waiting outside of the Stadium for the buses containing our  BALTIMORE ORIOLES- 1983 World Series Champs,  and sharing a bottle of bubbly with strangers-now orange and black family..
Fast forward well over 20 years, done the Mommy thing, divorced football for 13 years, only to be re-married to the Ravens in 1996, and I want to throw-up on whats happened to MY baseball team. 
The days of  being a season ticket holder-GONE.
The memories of my three young children, at the ballpark till almost 1 a.m.(on a school night), screaming "Yankees SUCK!", as we beat the Yankees -GONE.
Gotta tell ya, felt a little sorry for myself, but Free the Birds gave me baseball therapy, of sorts.
Last year, we made a statement for the ownership and  it felt good.
I hoped that the display would hurt their feelings, the way they had hurt mine.
I  hoped it would cause change……..
Once again,  I experienced a  kinship, with once strangers, now a family- living in  a house of shame..

In closing, on a funny note, my 2007 Opening Day  Press creds, of which I have covered for years, are  still somewhere in a drawer at the Warehouse. Hmmmmm???
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