What I think could happen

September 11, 2007 | WNST Staff

After receiving several emails with the following questions, I thought I would address them from the way I see it:
  1. What happens if Ray is out: I would expect Bart to take over at middle linebacker, and you see a rotation of Dennis Haley, Prescott Burgess, and Gary Stills to take Bart’s spot. Also Antwan Barnes in certain situations.
  2. Will Ed Reed return kicks and punts if Sams is out? Me personally, I say no. It was a nice return once, but I am not sure that you want your 2nd best defensive player back there. This is where Yamon would have to prove why the Ravens drafted him; I honestly think that if he was active last night, you would have seen him instead of Ed.
  3. If McNair is out, will the Ravens sign Leftwich? No, makes no sense: a.) he would have no clue how to run offense if he had to come in and play.  b.) Can’t imagine Byron would come here under those circumstances.
If I am the Ravens today, I am looking to see what is out there as a back up tackle. Of all the injuries, Ogden is the one that worries me the most. Think about it, it took him almost 9 months to be able to play 1 quarter of football.