What’s Next …. A Rick Dempsey Belly-Flop ??

May 15, 2007 | WNST Interns

Well, it’s official …. the inmates are running the asylum. If you watched the end of last night’s loss to the Blue Jays, you saw the very initial crack in this team’s foundation. Yes, they are finally turning their teeth on each other. Be it a sailing vessel on the high seas, Merlin Perkins’ “Wild Kingdom” or sports teams …. when members of a group or family begin to fight among each other …. tragedy and revolution are usually imminent.

Did Jay Payton have cause to chase and berate Melvin Mora in the nakedness of a dugout area, before countless cameras and human eyes? Absolutely, not. Did Melvin Mora deserve a peer-intended scolding from his teammate? Probably, but in an environment far away from us …. so that blogs like this one never get written.

Actually, all is not really lost when the discord and mutinous antics commence. However, it’s the sole responsibility of the true “Alpha Male” to regain control and right the ship. I know …. Nestor has already used this term today. But, the importance of the “Alpha Male” is all too vital, right now.

There can only be one “Alpha Male” …. and that guy is Sam Perlozzo. His job is absolutely dependent upon it. Regardless of Jay Payton’s immediate discontent and outrage, his behavior served as an embarrassment to his peers, his manager and the organization …. as if they don’t do enough to embarrass themselves, already.

Not a single Yankee would disrespect Joe Torre or the BOSS in this fashion. Nor, would a member of the Red Sox. We always talk about competing with the Yankees and Red Sox – on the field. This Orioles team has to learn how to compete with them off the field, as well. Do Yankees and Red Sox players disagree and squabble? Sure they do …. with privacy and away from media and fans.

Another night …. another Orioles loss. And, we had to be subjected to their airing of the “dirty laundry”, as well. I wonder what they’ll do for an encore, tonight? No matter …. I won’t be blogging about it. I’m ready for football season …. tomorrow’s blog will be about my favorite Raven.