Why Billick Will Stay & Smith Should Start

December 17, 2007 | WNST Interns

I have to admit I really have been seething since this afternoon when Greg Camarillo turned a short completion into a 64-yard touchdown for the Dolphins in overtime.  Losing to an 0-13 team, somebody wake me from this nightmare. 
Part of me wants to throw things and yell and just write one of those blogs that I will regret the moment after I hit the upload button.  Thankfully reason has set in; the other side of me sees Troy Smith playing in a critical situation, Nick Greisen in at middle linebacker, and a secondary made up of Willie Gaston, Ronnie Prude and Jamaine Winborne. 
The realist says we probably should have been an underdog on the road, not a three-point favorite even against a winless team.  So, where do we go from here?  How do you rebound from depths that not even the lost city of Atlantis has seen?  
For many of you, it’s calling for Brian Billick’s head this upcoming week on WNST and on wnst.net. Folks, save your breath; it isn’t going to happen. 
For the record, I want to see Brian Billick continue as coach.  I think he has earned the right to be given a shot to fix what has happened this season.  If you looked on the field during the fourth quarter and overtime, you saw what injuries have done to this team.  No Steve McNair, Ray Lewis, Chris McAlister, Samari Rolle, Trevor Pryce…. Should I go on?
In the end, the decision isn’t yours or mine; it belongs to one voice–owner Steve Bisciotti.  Some have wondered why Bisciotti would keep Billick, especially after today.  I don’t think any of us really know why Bisciotti is keeping Billick, but I can hazard a guess. 
Two years ago he asked Billick to do something that is very hard–change his personality, who he is, and how he deals with people.  To Billick’s credit he did it, and for that I think he earned Bisciotti’s respect.  Leaders like Bisciotti don’t forget sacrifice like that.  They don’t forget a subordinate making that effort to change.  You don’t become a billionaire by not knowing people, especially when your business is the employment field.
Think it’s easy to change?  Try it sometime.  If you are a person who is loud and outgoing, go to work and try to be very quiet and unassuming for a couple of weeks.  It’s harder than you think. If you’re quiet and shy, try the reverse and see how it goes.
Plus, I really think Bisciotti wants to keep a stable organization.  He doesn’t want to be the Dolphins, who are on their third coach in four years.  Three or four times in the past, he has mentioned that he wanted Billick to be his coach for 15 years.  Why would he say this if it isn’t what he is thinking?  Bisciotti doesn’t strike me as a person who just says something because it makes good sound.
Yes, I think there will be some changes this off-season–a new offensive coordinator possibly, someone else calling and designing the plays, maybe some other coaching changes will be made at the position level.  For that we need to wait and see.  We will get our answer shortly, just a few days after the calender turns to 2008.
One change the Ravens can make immediately towards next year is installing Troy Smith as the quarterback.  I not blaming Kyle Boller for anything that happened today.  He got very little help from his line.  However, the time has come to give Smith the ball, a full game plan, and see what he can do. 
The kid has looked good and most importantly very poised the last couple of weeks.  He ran the two-minute drill like a seasoned old pro.  There’s no pressure; nobody thinks we can win anyway.  Let him get the reps; it will only help him going into next season. Have him learn from the good and work his way through the bad.   For a young quarterback, experience can be the greatest teacher.  
Come this time next year, we may be thankful he had those couple of games. In the NFL, you never can tell from year to year where you are going to finish.  Next December, we may be battling for a division crown with Smith at the helm. Mistakes he makes in the next two games could be lessons learned that help propel us to a title in the future.  At this point what is there to lose?