May 08, 2007 | WNST Interns

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a couple of days… You’ll never believe it though.  Right after we finished our show, Andrew drove off and as I was leaving the WNST studios, there was this gorgeous, olive skinned woman with piercing emerald eyes, long dark hair, and a body that men fight wars over whose car had broken down on Hart Road.

So I pulled over and offered to give her a hand.  You may not know this but I’m a certified master mechanic who used to work on Formula One racing cars.  Anyway, she was so appreciative that she invited me to spend the day with her.   We ended up at this cozy cafe where we sat for hours drinking Cabernet and discussing politics, philosophy and the Ravens draft.  She’s a huge sports fan with season tickets to the Orioles, Ravens and, believe it or not, my all time favorite team, the New York Giants.  Anyway, after we finished our filet mignon (which she insisted on paying for because apparently the CIA pays a lot of money these days) we went to-

 Okay, who’s kidding who?  NONE OF THAT HAPPENED!  Master mechanic? Me? I can barely figure out how to make the wiper blades go fast.  I just didn’t blog this weekend, okay?  Get off my back!  I think I was just too overwhelmed.  There were so many freakin’ sporting events this weekend that my brain just shut down.  So here’s my Monday recap…

The Kentucky Derby-

I fell asleep about twenty minutes before it started.  I hear good things though.

De La Hoya vs. Mayweather-

Okay, now this one I was excited about.  There was no way in the world I was going to miss this fight.  I had it all planned out.  I was going to head over to a bar near my house around 11pm and watch it with some buddies.  Except, um, I ended up doing a comedy set at Tracy’s and by the time I was off stage, and the post-show “buzz” wore off, it was midnight!

So I missed that too.  Although, again, I hear good things. I definitely have to catch the replay.  Andrew watched it and felt that Mayweather wasn’t given enough credit.  He thinks the decision should’ve been unanimous based on the punch stats and there’s no way De La Hoya can penetrate Mayweather’s defense.

He said that Mayweather was too fast for De La Hoya and, while Oscar had more stamina than Andrew expected, by the eighth round he slowed down considerably and Mayweather picked up a lot of rounds late.

Meanwhile, several other people I’ve spoken with seem to think that De La Hoya was robbed- that he threw more punches, landed more punches and was much more aggressive than Mayweather.  Thoughts? Comments?  email me at fightingungers@wnst.net and give me your take on the fight.


Read Rex Snider’s blog.  He knows a hell of a lot more than I do.  All I know is that Jeff Gordon didn’t win so no one got arrested.  I think.

O’s Weekend-

Two wins and a loss.  Although even on Sunday the Orioles fought to try and get back in it.  If Sizemore fails to make that circus catch, who knows?  The new lineup is definitely an improvement.  Ramon Hernandez is on fire.  Now let’s see if they can find a way to cover for the loss of Loewen.

Be back to write more later…