Why is Camden Yards a Freakin’ Ghost Town

April 25, 2007 | WNST Interns

I’ve lived in Baltimore, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles and I’ve never seen such a lack of support for
a baseball team in my life.  True, the other markets are much larger than Baltimore but that doesn’t explain the nose dive this
team has taken.  The ’07 Orioles are young, exciting and winning ball
games. Still last night they had a paid attendance of around 14,000. 
That’s paid.  If you counted, you’d be hard pressed to come up with

I’ve seen the Dodgers draw 30,000 for a Monday night game against the Expos.
Sure a lot of the crowd is made up of actors, agents and network executives who
show up late and talk on their cellphones all night but they’re there. 
I’ve seen the Mets play at Shea on a Monday night in September when they were
buried in fifth behind the Expos and draw 25,000.  I’ve been to Wrigley
field on a Monday afternoon with the Cubs doing their usual April swoon and
seen the place sold out… even against the Expos.

I admit I’m bored but I just looked up attendance numbers from last
night.  The Cubs played at home and drew around 33,000.  The Mets,
also home, drew around 32,000.  The Dodgers didn’t play but because I’m
REALLY bored I went back a couple of weeks and found that on Wednesday, April
11th they drew 35,852. 

How about this for boredom?  I found a box score for Tuesday, April 11th, 1990.  That night the Orioles also happened to
be playing the Oakland A’s. These were the O’s of Orsulak, Ripken and Tettleton. Steve Finley
was still an Oriole, as was Curt Schilling and Pete Harnisch.  That night at
Memorial Stadium, in a game they lost 7-1, the Birds drew 25,431. Twice the
number from last night.

Okay, now here’s why I think the Orioles attendance numbers are dropping faster
than Bush’s approval rating.  And keep in mind, unlike Casey, Rob or Drew,
I have NO chance of getting a WNST Press pass. At least I doubt it. 
Andrew and I do a Saturday morning show and mean about as much to the Orioles
as planes meant to King Kong.  Anyway, ready? Here’s the issue- Peter
Angelos IS an absolute idiot! A moron. Brain dead or something.  And,
Peter, if you try to tell me that the Washington EXPOS are the problem, you’re
REALLY nuts! 

I mean I realize the guy is a lawyer and he’s really good at litigation but, if
nothing else, his P.R skills suck eggs. I don’t think the issue is that he
doesn’t want to put a better product on the field, I think he’s just playing
with a deck that’s a couple of deuces short if you know what I mean. 

That has to be it.  I mean how else could he manage to take one of the
most storied franchises in baseball history and reduce them to a second rate
team in a city that REALLY IS A BASEBALL TOWN?  Yes, we all know the
Ravens rule the roost now.  Why shouldn’t they?  They reach out to
the community.  They MAAAAAARRRKKKEET!  Get it?  The Orioles
have become the alcoholic older brother who keeps borrowing money from all his
cousins while the Ravens are the younger brother in who’s in
college studying aeronautical engineering between stints with the Peace Corps.

Sure, winning helps but the 1990 Orioles finished the season with a .479
winning percentage and even though the ’89 Birds were decent, the team of 1988
was that talented group of ballplayers who managed to lose the first 21 games
of the season en route to an illustrious record of 54-107 (they probably were
relieved to not have to play that final game).

So it’s not just about poor performance on the field.  It’s about an owner
who’s so out of touch with what’s good for the Baltimore community that he’s managed to empty out a
stadium once the envy of every other team in the major leagues.

No one cares about the Orioles.  That’s it.  If they cared there’d be
people at the stadium and there aren’t.  I’m no genius either but I’m a
hell of a lot smarter than the Greek Tycoon. I must be.

Please don’t sue me.  It’s just an opinion.

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