Will The ‘BIG APPLE’ Become A Factor …

June 21, 2007 | WNST Interns

You’ve gotta wonder if “The Boss” will be inclined to reach out to Joe Girardi in the next day or so …. maybe, he’s already made the call. If so, the New York media outlets aren’t reporting on it. In fact, all’s quiet in regard to anything concerning Girardi and Gotham’s daily papers.

I’ll admit, there’s this slightly uneasy feeling growing within me. Is it paranoia? Honestly, ever since the news broke of a mutual interest between the Orioles and Girardi, I’ve worried about the Yankees coming in and stealing him away. I’ve got this vision in my head …. Girardi getting off a plane at BWI and headed out to his limo. However, when he gets inside, and the car drives off, he looks at the driver and its “Jeffrey Maier.”

That’s right …. THE Jeffrey Maier. Quickly, he suggests to Girardi …. “we need to hit 95-North, the Boss wants to see you.” That’s right, it all comes crashing down. Three days of angst and worry for nothing. We’ll be without “Joe” and all the arguing/debating I’ve done with Nestor would’ve been in vain. Neither of us would have the opportunity to be right.

Okay, so I’m not David Chase and HBO won’t be calling anytime soon. Still, the longer this courtship carries on …. the more paranoid I grow. Just sign the guy, already. It’s affecting my short term health and I need to start concentrating on NASCAR, again. Hell, Jeff Gordon became a father yesterday …. and I was too busy paying attention to this Orioles stuff.

Let’s get this done and start our “new beginning” …. As the past three days would suggest, “I’m buying” …. but my nerves need some reassurance. Each day that passes by results in a day of opportunity for Mr. Steinbrenner. Let’s prove it is a NEW “Orioles way” – and wrap it up, effectively and efficiently.