Winter Baseball Camps and Showcases

November 15, 2007 | WNST Interns

There are no shortage of off-season baseball camps and showcase events for the motivated baseball players in the Mid-Atlantic Region. With winter baseball camps and showcases cropping up all over the place for players it is important to choose wisely. Consider these few tips when looking for a camp or showcase during the offseason.

Be sure to choose those camps that reflect your age or year in school. For example, a Youth camp for “little league” age players, a High School camp for older players. For a High School camp, consider those camps advertised as “Select”, “Advanced”, or “College Prospect” camps. Always contact camp organizers regarding camp content and schedule and to confirm which if any college coaches may be in attendance.

What is your purpose for attending the camp? Is it instructional and developmental…or exposure to college recruiters … or both?

For any camp or showcase, ask yourself this question: “Is my son physically and emotionally ready to participate at this time?” Remember, “What is your purpose for attending a particular event?” What does the player seek to gain by attending? An upfront complete understanding of what your striving for can enhance better choices in the long run. Oh … and save you money!

If exposure is your primary objective in attending a college camp, consider those opportunities where the camp staff includes coaches from several different colleges … resulting in greater “bang for your buck.”

All camps and showcases cost money, so be sure to understand all the costs involved. Especially if the opportunity is out of town. What specifically does the camp or showcase cost include? Ask around for references so that you can determine what other families experienced at a certain camp or showcase. Like anything in the college baseball recruiting process, “Do Your Homework!”

What are your expectations? Is this opportunity the best or most suitable for your son at this time? Is he ready to participate? Have you considered several options? How do these options affect other important aspects of your son’s off-season schedule (school, winter sports, SAT preparation, social life, etc.)?

After my many years in amateur baseball and having spoken to many top college recruiters over the years, I have observed that it is critical that the player understand that his “makeup” matters!

Sure, academics is always first, hence the term “student athlete” not “ahtlete student” … talent is an obvious but what happens when injuries prevent talent from being seen? He better be a good student to have something to fall back on. Exposure is very important to being on the map with so many quality players seeking the attention of the best coaches and schools but … Make no mistake about it… “makeup” matters most! … no matter how talented a player is; no matter how great the grades, no matter how much exposure he has the single most important factor recruiters look for is MAKE-UP! The manner in which the player goes about playing the game and conducting himself, both on and off the diamond directly impacts the impression college coaches, scouts and other baseball insiders will have of him. “Make Up” is a huge consideration to coaches at all levels of the game. Don’t go down the recruiting road without knowing that “Someone is always watching!”