With Three Weeks Remaining

September 10, 2007 | WNST Interns

As I sit here and watch Dallas and the Giants try to actually stop someone, I realize that the thoughts of the sports world,  at least for the weekends, switch to football, but with only three weeks to go in the MLB regular season, there are some great stories shaping up.

Who would have thought that if Randy Johnson went back to Arizona and contributed nothing, that the Diamondbacks would be three games up with three weeks to play? I didn’t. And how about the Brewers? We had gotten so numb to them winning the NL Central since they led for the first four months, that they really didn’t become newsworthy when they blew the entire lead. Then they were left for dead. Well, to paraphrase the guy in The Holy Grail, "we’re not quite dead yet. Actually, we’re feeling much better." I know that their lead is only one game, but come on! The Brewers could get into the post season. And the fact that if they don’t, it will be the Cubs, (please God, not the Cardinals), the NL Central will become cute little underdog of the playoffs.

Also, San Diego leads the wild card, but the Phillies are only two games back and the Rockies, THE ROCKIES, are three games out, and the Phils and Rocks start a four game series tonight! Oh, by the way, the Rocks they have a three gamer with the Padres in two weeks.

I know the American League has quickly become ho-hum, and unless the Yankees falter of the Tigers get red hot, you can start figuring the pairings right now, but the NL has some great finishing storylines about to unfold. Don’t get so caught up in the Niners and Cardinals to forget to check the ticker.