Would Harbaugh’s head explode if this guy showed up?

August 08, 2011 | WNST Interns

Well, my summer vacation has finally met its great demise.  As usual, some predictable (and not so predictable) realities came to fruition …..

My waistline is a lil’ wider – thanks to Grotto’s pizza.  My tattoos are a lil’ more faded – thanks to the Delaware sun.  And, those famed Dewey Beach bars are a lil’ richer – thanks to … well, ME.

Yep, I spent the past week pretty much doing as I pleased …..

I tried to keep my finger on the pulse of Baltimore’s sports action; I kept up with the WNST texts, followed Twitter and even tuned-in for occasional segments of radio with Drew, Thyrl and Glenn.

At the same time, I made a conscious effort to keep a distance from the very things that embody a week of my regular life, and SPORTS is a big part of my weekly routine.  Yes, I monitored all Ravens news and kept up with the free agent frenzy surrounding the National Football League.

Yet, aside from watching baseball games on television, I took a bit of a break from following relentless sports news and contributing to the entire social spreading of opinion and information.

So, when I returned home, this weekend, I immediately began the process of reacquainting myself with the most current climate of sports action in this city and beyond.  And, as I logged onto my computer for the first time in a week, I read the following Yahoo Sports headline:

“Hollywood Celebrity Turns Heads At Dallas Cowboys Training Camp”

I’ll admit it, I couldn’t refuse the tease, as I assumed the latest buxom beauty to follow in the footsteps of Jessica Simpson, Alyssa Milano and Kim Kardashian would be revealed for all our eyes to see.


But, I did find the photographic evidence of the latest celebrity to be pretty damn funny:



Can you imagine how John Harbaugh would react if Pee Wee Herman came swaggering into a mid-afternoon workout?   The coach strikes you as a guy who HATES distractions, right?  And, rightfully so …..

Hey, I was one of the first media members to lay eyes on Snoop Dogg as he arrived at McDaniel College, a couple years ago.  Then again, how could you miss the dude who was holding that gigantic umbrella above the hip-hop star?

When I saw Snoop, I immediately looked for Harbaugh.  I wanted to see his reaction to this potential hindrance to the day’s activities.  To my surprise, John was pretty jovial about it; which tells me he knew it was coming.  Of course, he knew …..

But, as we wade through this mucked up training camp, as it’s cramped into the team’s Owings Mills complex, I do wonder if the Ravens field general would be so amused by a surprise visit from Pee Wee.

My gut says NO …..

As for my vacation, it was a good time and I achieved that relaxing pause so desperately needed on my end.  And, while I tried to avoid many components of sports, I was unable to avoid the crush of the most annoying baseball fans – aside from Yankees and Red Sox loyalists.

That’s correct, I couldn’t swing a dead cat by its tail without striking one of these buffoons, as they celebrated a week at the beach, combined with winning baseball …..



Yep, I’m jealous.

I’ll talk with you, this afternoon @ 2pm ……