WOW…all I can say is WOW

December 04, 2007 | WNST Interns

Just watched the game again…just some brief comments.

  • Willis McGahee was awesome…he ran hard on every play…finally got the 30 carries many Ravens fans have been begging for all year…wish he had a few more.
  • Why do we try to pass so much on short yardage? someone please help me here!
  • For all those who complained about the fans leaving earlier games and so on…the crowd was amazing tonight…on the TV broadcast even the announcers had to speak louder.
  • Go here if you want to see the last 9 mins or so of the Monday night broadcast.
  • I love ED REED…but sometimes I wish he’d fall down!
  • Bart Scott…where ya been…I understand the fustration but you have to stay within yourself. He did not cost the Ravens the game, but he did not help.
  • I need to see more of Mr. Barnes…he is everything I and others thought he was coming out of college…get him more snaps.
  • Time management and a feel for the game still alludes this coaching staff…always has…always will…
  • Boller played a great game…I am not a fan of his but hewas very good tonight, the INT’s will happen…truth be told I don’t even blame him for it, as we should have been running the ball and if we had to kick a FG…we do what we do best and kick the FG…make it a 2 score game…any time and situational football seems to allude this team.
  • I rather beat the COLTS anyway…