You Heard It Here …. Yankees Win A.L. Wild Card

July 09, 2007 | WNST Interns

Are you laughing, yet? Well, print this blog and stick it away …. it’ll become a WNST “Collectors Piece.” I’m sure some of you wanna send me for a urinalysis test; suspecting I’ve been celebrating the end of baseball’s first half in “high times” style. Don’t despair, this prediction is being forecast with a sound and sober mind …. and no heart.

I mention the emotional side, to dissuade any suggestions I’m a “Yankee Fan.” I’m not. But, I’m also too smart to turn my back on a half-dead, lethal enemy. That’s exactly what’s happening throughout the baseball world. Let’s face it, the New York Yankees are the most polarizing franchise in professional sports …. you can’t be indifferent toward them.

Thus, the assertions regarding their imminent demise are simply “wishful thinking” by those in the hater’s camp. Baseball enthusiasts claiming the Bombers are “done” are negating the cruel lessons of history, and falling vulnerable to a sobering reality. The Yankees are a very solid team …. and mere incidental pieces away from making the next three months a living hell for the Cleveland Indians, Seattle Mariners and anyone else with wild card aspirations.

The A.L. East is over …. but the postseason is not. As of this morning, the Yanks are just 8 ½ games behind Cleveland. Winners in 5 of the past 7, the Yankees need to address the bullpen and they will by July 31st. They have a championship caliber starting staff in Mussina, Petitte, Clemens and Wang. They certainly need a 5th man to step forward. And, their lineup is beyond legitimately dangerous.

The bullpen needs a bolster and it WILL happen. This team is certainly in an enviable position, regarding need, as we approach the trade deadline. Middle relief …. their glaring vulnerability is always the easiest, most accessible asset to acquire at the deadline. It’s a commodity every “seller” possesses …. and middle relievers bring very little in return.

I am a Baltimore Orioles fan, and just as I’ve witnessed a decade of consecutive losing …. I’ve watched the Yankees rise to the occasion and pull it out, time after time. They have underachieved and disappointed the most demanding of owners, this year. He’s been patient …. which is key. King George has learned his lessons throughout the years, and he knows what we all suspect …. THIS DOG WILL HUNT.

The Yankees are coming …. just remember where you heard it.