Greetings from Little Rock

October 26, 2007 | WNST Interns

This is my very first blog ever, a virgin blogger so to speak! So let’s do this thing!

You may have heard of a certain running back from the University of Arkansas, a Heisman hopeful, one-half of the best backfield in College football.  It’s Darren McFadden “D-Mac” “D-Dog” for short.  If anyone saw the Ark.-Alabama game weeks ago, you witnessed the greatness that is D-Mac.  It’s unfortunate that his team is mediocre and his coaching staff is as conservative as Anne Coulter.  It’s a shame his talent is being shortchanged by a stubborn coaching staff that will be looking in the classifieds next year for employment.  D-Mac will be playing on Sundays and thrilling a lucky NFL city that get’s his athletic greatness and humbling personality.  He’s a kid you root for and I’ve been fortunate to see him play live in person. If you have the chance catch an Arkansas game when they are one of the major networks and see #5 and his backfield mate #25 Felix Jones isn’t too shabby either.

 SEC Games this week: 

Miss. @ Auburn: Auburn in a rout!

Miss. State @ Kent.:  Bulldogs in an big Upset!

S.C @ Tenn.:  Two Jekyl and Hyde teams, flip a coin

Florida Int. @ Arkansas:  Hogs win big!

FLA. vs. Georgia in Jacksonville:  Gators continue their domination of the Bulldogs!