Dear John and Louis Angelos: Are you a Rocky – or a Bullwinkle?

July 06, 2018 | Nestor Aparicio

association and being the offspring of a tarnished last name.

Dollar Bill.

Tiger Bob. (Or Drunk Bob as we used to call him.)

Rocky and Jim changed their narrative and their legacy.

I saw the kind of energy David Modell brought to Baltimore 20 years ago and it served the Ravens well and still does. I wrote about his legacy and my relationship with him. You should read it. You should bring his passion, integrity and “want” to your franchise.

(And if that makes you cringe because you hate the Ravens like your father did, then I will pray for you. I’ve spent 23 years around “those people” in Owings Mills. By and large, I’m proud to know them. All of them. Any good person would be!)

The story of how Rocky Wirtz completely changed the culture for hockey in Chicago upon gaining control of the franchise is an absolute blueprint. Here, I’ve attached some links so you can read up on what three Stanley Cup titles look like.

Build it and we will come.

Recruit the community in an authentic and honest way.

Clearly, there are many non-baseball related ways to energize the community but nothing will be more important than winning and this next round of who will run things.

Someone really smart and extremely competent needs to stand at the top of an overhaul of this place.

Is that you?

Is that your brother?

Is that your mother?

Is that John Vidalin?

Or is that someone you’ve never met?

You have an opportunity to own this town if you win and change the culture. Or you can be the next punch line with the Angelos last name as the team wallows in last place and your family continues to print money as long as MASN and the cable TV teet will allow you. But, John, I know you know that cable-cord-cutting thing is real and that’s coming down the line.

MASN has printed a lot of money over the last decade. Moving forward, making money off of “the air” will become a lot harder once you unbundle and people actually realize you are making money off them while they sleep and have been for a long time.

Baseball has all sorts of problems coming over the next decade and beyond. The average age of a MLB fan is 57 and getting older. Young people aren’t watching the game. Lacrosse crushes baseball in the land of pleasant living. The Nationals now exist and those people aren’t coming back. Watching baseball is like watching paint dry in the modern era. And your team sucks.

I remember how hard you brawled against B.A.M. to enrich your family a decade ago so I know you have a nose for the money. Every time I look for the Orioles game on my mobile device for a subscription I’m already paying for via MASN and can’t access, I think of you and realize your acumen for the tech side.

No one is gonna get your baseball games for free without paying for it twice!

Anyone who has spent time with you in your on-again, off-again role as MASN’s lead dog knows you know how to count the beans – and even employ a future cake pop maker who shared dad’s litigious heart – but do you know how to make the doughnuts?

Do you have a heart for the work and for the community?

This is chess, not checkers. As you know, this is a very, very tough and very full-time job.

Even someone who is very qualified and well-compensated and well-meaning and well-read and incredibly competent could do a great job here and still fail miserably because this will not be an easy assignment – even if you and your mother completely stay out of the way (which is its own fundamental question if you’re recruiting a real leader of this substance not named Angelos).

Baltimore is a mess. Your fans are afraid of coming downtown. Your team stinks. Your brand stinks. Your message stinks. Your reputation stinks.

The luxury suites sit empty because companies want nothing to do with you and