Free The Birds Candlelight vigil is tonight at sundown at Brooks Robinson statue

March 29, 2012 | WNST Staff

Over the past week our & AM 1570 hosts have been encouraging our Baltimore sports community to “BE HEARD BY THE BIRDS” via two events tonight and tomorrow designed to bring awareness to the plight and civic anger regarding the demise of the Baltimore Orioles.

It has always been our premise that the fans of the Baltimore Orioles will eventually be a part of curing what ails the team.

The fans here have tired of the losing, the lying and patent abandonment of the franchise attempting to win and create pride for the fans of the Baltimore Orioles.

The fans have been abandoned. We’re all in agreement on that.

But what more can Baltimore Orioles fans do?

While the focus is on the Orioles and baseball for one day — Opening Day — we’d like to encourage you to participate in a civic awakening to what’s happened to the businesses, families and proud local people who made Camden Yards a reality 20 years ago.

We are announcing three events that we’re requesting your participation and support in via social media and your circle of similarly disheartening Baltimore Orioles fans:

TONIGHT – WNST is encouraging all Baltimore Orioles fans to attend a candlelight vigil at the Brooks Robinson statue for the team at sundown (6-8pm). We’ve decided praying is a relevant option at this point and we’ll surround this event at the bar at Frank & Nic’s just around the corner from the monument and celebrate why we all love baseball in Baltimore. We are inviting priests, rabbis and all people who want to pray for a better day for Baltimore baseball. You can bring real candles or use your mobile device to download a free app called “Color Flashlight HD,” which provides an orange candlelight image for your phone. We will be using Twitter and Facebook to share our message throughout the proceedings.

Friday, April 6th – Opening Day. WNST will be handing out signs at Luna del Sea on Pratt Street beginning at 10 a.m. that will voice our displeasure at having Opening Day become an annual drudgery knowing that the Baltimore Orioles won’t compete this year in the AL East. Yes, we’d like for you to consider walking with informational picket signs prior to the game to be heard by team management on the eve of another lost season of local baseball. And, of course, we’d love to encourage you to bring a sign with your own message for Peter Angelos.

Sunday, May 20th – WNST and our @FreeTheBirds12 campaign will sponsor a road trip when the Orioles visit the Washington Nationals, who Angelos also greatly profits off of via his MASN television empire.

Please follow us at all week as we present lots of facts, information and a compelling argument about the significance of the Baltimore Orioles to our community and some thought-provoking discussion about the franchise’s role and responsibility to baseball fans in our region.

You can also join us on Facebook here for Free The Birds 12 to continue to get more information regarding these events this spring.

Our Twitter page for Free The Birds 12 is here as well for constant updates regarding events.