Letting The Warehouse know via #DearOrioles letters that those empty seats are still out here

June 25, 2018 | Nestor Aparicio

Baltimore this summer.

This #DearOrioles series is about what happens after this summer. What becomes of this mess?

But if there’s any message to all of these Baltimore Orioles “insider” folks with their arrogance dripping off their tarnished logo it’s this:

I am not your nuisance.

I am your customer.

I am your fan.

Respect me.

Be worthy of this community.

Or be subject to more of these #DearOrioles notes until you get it right.

And if you see Brady Anderson, tell him that I’m not leaving Baltimore as he suggested the last time I saw him at Sports Legends Museum. My wife and I like it here.

Matter of fact, we’re not going anywhere…