A Few Things – 12/27

December 27, 2007 | WNST Interns

How would you feel if the Ravens acquired Donovan McNabb? If not McNabb, who would you want to see quarterback this team next year? Would you draft a QB and start him right away?

Since I started watching the NFL, I have always hated dynasties. For whatever reason, I never disliked the Patriots. However, that has all changed. I never thought I would root for a New York team but, Go Giants!!! In case you don’t have the NFL Network, I think NBC, CBS, PBS, CourTV, and Lifetime is carrying the game.

Thank God Christmas is over. What’s up with these stations that play Christmas music from the middle of November until Christmas? Isn’t there only like 10 different Xmas songs?

I got my daughter Hanna Montana tickets for Christmas. It’s the toughest ticket in recent years. She really wants to go but, I will sell them for five grand apiece. They are floor seats in the front section. I would much rather go to Ripken Camp and send her and her mom to Disney. I’m just kidding!!! I wouldn’t send them to Disney.

Roger Clemens claims that he has never done roids or HGH. Ok Roger. You are twice the size that you were in the 1980s and it’s perfectly normal for athletes to get better as they get older. If you don’t believe him, look at Barry Bonds.

WJZ is reporting that the “Goof on the Roof” just got arrested for not paying child support. He said he wasn’t coming down until the Ravens won a game. I’m guessing he is probably happy they came and got him. Otherwise, he would be up there till 2009.