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October 12, 2007 | WNST Interns

You have to question society as a whole when headlines like “O’s help MLB break all-time attendance record in ’07” land in a business paper.  Because the Baltimore Business Journal forces a subscription to view many of their articles, I am going to cut and paste it now for your viewing.

O’s help MLB break all-time attendance record in ’07

Baltimore Business Journal – by Eric Fisher Street&Smith’s SportsBusiness Journal

With a fourth straight all-time attendance record in the books, Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig already is looking ahead to 2008 and the chance to top 80 million in overall attendance for the first time ever.

“Some of our marketing people may be worried about attendance next year, but I’m not,” said Selig, who daily monitors what remains baseball’s largest single revenue source. “There was a point where we couldn’t have dreamed the numbers would be this good. But as I’ve said many times, this is a clear manifestation of all the changes, all the work we’ve done over the years.”

MLB finished the 2007 regular season with a total attendance of 79.5 million, 4.5 percent ahead of last year and 18 percent ahead of the league total from just five years ago.

Twenty-three of 30 clubs recorded year-over-year attendance gains, up from 20 in 2006. That includes the Baltimore Orioles, who drew 2.16 million fans in 80 home dates in 2007, despite posting the club’s 10th straight losing season. The Orioles drew 2.15 million fans in 81 home dates in 2006.

The first and best way to help right what is going so wrong in baseball is to impeach Bud Selig.  His track record during this season speaks for itself with his low class dealings over the Barry Bonds record situation.

If Bud ever set foot in Camden Yards he would know that change is coming and Bud and Peter need to just open their eyes to see it.  This season has already dealt a fatal blow to my beloved winter league in Puerto Rico.   Seeing the green empty seats in Camden Yards all season makes me really nervous.