From a remote location in Arbutus: Random Thought

May 03, 2007 | WNST Staff

I had high hopes for the Orioles.  I actually thought that they would come back 2-4 on this road trip. I am not ready to say that the ship is sinking for the O’s, but for your safety please note where the life jackets are stored and where the closest emergency exit is.

Sam Perlozzo could quickly be moving up the charts of managers on the hot seat.

I saw a commercial on MASN that made me actually think about something.  When did Washington DC become Baseball Town, USA? I lived there for four years and it doesn’t come close to being on same level as a Boston, Chicago, St. Louis, New York, and almost every other city with a ballpark.

Oh by the way MASN, not that your stupid commercials relating to the Orioles or Nationals surprise me, but here is a thought I had while watching your commercial for the Nats. I’m Not sure if you have realized this yet, but Alfonso Soriano is no longer a member of the Nationals.  Why in the name of everything holy would you have him in a current commercial for the team?

Is something wrong with me that I would rather save the 40 or 50 dollars the Oscar De La Hoya