December 07, 2007 | WNST Staff


It turns out that Gibbons was telling the truth all of that time when he continued to deny using steroids. Indeed he wasn’t.  He was using HGH all along. Gibbons simply adds to the long list of humiliations the Orioles have suffered during this decade of discontent.

Almost from his first spring training in Baltimore when he earned the nickname Popeye, people have suspected Gibbons of using performance enhancers. He is the classic example of why enhancers are used. An average…or below average athlete who may need something to help him get over the hump. One big season, and a couple of exciting career moments, are turned into a long term, multi-million dollar contract that will provide for him, his children, and probably his children’s children. If you had the chance to do it, wouldn’t you consider it?

Yes, all of the orioles 1st base/ outfielders/ DH’s have distinguished themselves in this off-season. Millar, Huff, and Gibbons have damaged their credibility, and have turned off a fan-base that is looking for anything in the Orioles to embrace. IF there were any three players who I would say the Orioles could just release it would be these three players, and that is before you include the off-season mishaps.

At least Gibbons knew enough to be humble in the moment, apologize for his actions, and not appeal the suspension. Another situation where an athlete vows that there is more to the story and you will understand when the truth comes out, with no follow through would have not been good for anyone.


Two rumors that involve the Orioles have surfaced in the last 48 hours which I pray are not true. The first involves Tejada going to the Astros for players such as Adam Everett, and Chris Burke. While Everett is a quality defender, the Astros are looking to move these players because they can’t hit. Chris Burke has been such a bust that even after Craig Biggio retired, the Astros went to free agency and blocked Burke (a player that they have been waiting for for some time now) with the signing of Kaz Matsui. If they can’t hit in the National League, in one of the most hitter friendly parks in the game, what are they going to do in the AL East? Can anyone say under the Mendoza line?

The other rumor involves Roberts going to the Cubs for players sush as Matt Murton and Sean Marshall. Matt Murton? Matt Murton?? …. Matt Murton??? Come on now! I know that McPhail came from the Cubs, but COME ON NOW!!! McPhail needs to find a way to trade with a team other than the Cubs. There is a reason why they are current team with the longest run without a championship.

If the rumors are true, the Orioles could have moved Ramon Hernandez in a deal for Lastings Milledge. If McPhail picks up Everett Burke and Murton for Roberts and Tejada after passing up Milledge and several other names thrown in by other organizations, you would immediately have to wonder if we have the right man at the wheel. Right now they are just rumors, and I hope that is what they will remain.


The Dodgers are following their Los Angeles counterparts in signing another center fielder a year after overpaying for one in the previous off-season (Matthews and Pierre respectively) Andruw Jones only signed for two years. If he is a bust it won’t kill them. The money is far too much. He is still one of the best defenders, but he isn’t what he once was. They are bringing him in for his pop. The problem is that his pop last year was nothing like what it was the previous two seasons. On top of it, Dodger Stadium isn’t a hitters haven. Given the cost, I would have to say that the Dodgers will regret this move. A $12 – $15 million dollar per season price tag, and I might have a different opinion. The good news from an Oriole perspective is that it may make it a little easier to pry Matt Kemp from the Dodgers in any potential deals now that they have Jones.