Good move by the National

April 18, 2007 | WNST Staff

Great move on the part of Washington Nationals team president Stan Katsen on Tuesday night. In case you have not heard or seen about it the Nationals wore Virginia Tech hats for the game Tuesday against the Braves, an idea that was email to Stan from a fan in Calvert County. Here is the whole article from , definitely worth checking out.

What an amazing thing for a team to listen to its fans and answer the emails that are sent to them. Again this was not some intern that sits in the basement of RFK Stadium and gives the company response to every email they receive.  This was the team president.

Anyone have the email address for any of the Orioles Front Office? If so, ever written them and gotten a response?

I would be willing to bet that when this fan emailed Stan Katsen, he thought it would end up nowhere, but instead it was read and acted upon.