Random Though

April 08, 2007 | WNST Staff

Is there any question as to why A-Rod is one the best players in all of baseball? Big time players make big time plays, and that was never more on display than yesterday in Yankee Stadium. I still will stick with A-Rod as my vote for MVP on the AL for this season – then he will leave the Yankees.


You notice how almost every ball that is it in the air off of Chris Ray he points to the sky?  I think yesterday he was trying to warn a bird or a plane that there was a chance the ball was going to hit them- or maybe it is just me.


Nice job by Steve Trachsel yesterday against the Yankees, he definitely rose to the occasion and did his part to get his team the win.



Saw Sammy Sosa hit his 1st homer of the season yesterday in the Rangers win over the Red Sox. I will always remember when Sammy was with the Orioles he would hit a ball and do his little hop out of the batters box thinking it was gone, only to watch the ball come crashing down into a glove on the warning track.


For you UFC fans out there, watched a great DVD last night on the