The Good News – and the BAD NEWS

August 23, 2007 | WNST Staff

Hello everyone!

For my first blog I was all set to write about how I was glad to see that the Orioles had given Dave Trembley the official nod as manager of the Orioles. While it is WAY to early to say that he has turned the team around, you can certainly say that he has gotten more out of the team in a little over two months than Sam Perlozzo had in his time as manager. It is the right call by the team to have their affairs in order as they move into the off-season. Trembley has earned his place as manager in a short time.

I heard an interesting point today. Some of the most successful managers (Tony LaRussa, Sparky Anderson, Jim Leyland, Earl Weaver to name a few) spent very little time in the big leagues as managers. They had to work, and learn, and sit, and listen a great deal of the time. They then had to fight for every move up they took.

The Good News – Congratulations to Dave Trembley. You are exactly the kind of guy that Baltimore loves to root for. We wish you the best.

THEN…came the BAD NEWS:

So the Orioles just finished the first game of the double header against the Texas Rangers….and they gave up 30 runs!!!!! This on a night they made the new manager official, and Matt Wieters attends his first game as a member of the franchise. Oh yeah, Garrett Olson (Baltimore’s struggling rookie) starts game two. YIKES!!!! This was supposed to be a team that we could beat up on in an attempt to get closer to .500. Apparently the Rangers didn’t get the memo.

There is an old saying in baseball when a bullpen is struggling, and the manager needs everything his starter has…”Its you today!” I hope Olson did get the memo.

Yes, it was ugly. Yes, it was embarassing. Yes, it is almost football season. It is also one game out of 162. We should all try to remember that as we try to settle our stomachs before we go to bed tonight…. That is, if you can sleep after this.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I will be talking about the Orioles here. I will also be writing about Major League Baseball and all of the cool things that are going on. It is hard to see it as Oriole fans, but there are some great races going on in the game. Great races, real records are being broken, and the post-season looks like it could be a lot of fun.

Thank you everyone! I look forward to communicating with you here at the WNST blog site.