Casey at the bat: This and tha

May 05, 2007 | WNST Staff

Back from Ravens rookie camp, now here at Camden Yards. Rookie camp is always interesting to attend to watch the new guys and how they are in awe of being at 1 Winning Drive.

The practice is just the basics, nothing special, no real dramatic scheming or game planning going on, just learning the ropes of the NFL.

Troy Smith is wearing #11, but if I was a betting man I would say that he will be wearing #10 by the end of training camp. Was nice to meet Troy and he was great during his interview with Bob Haynie today.

Had a chance to catch up with Dan Cody at the facility, he is in tremendous physical shape, and told me he is getting antsy to get back onto the football field. Dan is one of my favorite Ravens, and I would warn anyone that is calling him a bust already.

Warning to Prescott Burgess, your locker is next to Bart Scott and Gary Stills, you could be in for a long season with those two guys as neighbors.

I am getting excited for football season to get going, rookie camp ends tomorrow, then they will be back for mini camps. Covering the Ravens is always fun, great staff, great players and above all it is football!

That brings me to the ballpark where the Orioles will try to stop this run away train that is losing. If the Orioles can not go at least .500 during this home stand, they are in trouble, and could be on the verge of melt down mode.

When does training camp start again?

Had several e-mail guesses as to who the guy in the picture from the UFC fight is, however none where right. It is Rick Bauer formerly of the Orioles, who is a big UFC fan.