Anybody Feeling a Draft?

December 20, 2007 | WNST Interns

It sounds as if we’re going to be seeing Troy Smith on Sunday and the overwhelming response from the Baltimore masses has been….apathy.  At this point the fans are looking for draft slotting.  To say that the players as a group are looking for anything short of victory is silly, but I don’t wear cleats on Sunday so I’m happy w/ moving up the draft board.  In the interest of finding the sunny side of ten straight losses, let’s assume the Ravens drop the next two at Seattle and at home against the Steelers…it’s a stretch, I know.

Let’s breakdown those threatening our draft position as Locks, Maybes and Neverminds w/ an eye on their remaining schedules:


Dolphins (1-13)

Yeah we lost to them and nobody else did, but unfortunately for us, the season as a whole is taken into consideration.  Parcells is no idiot, he’s signed himself up for the first pick in April!

Rams, Jets (3-11)

It’s been this kind of season:  2 of our 4 wins are against these guys.  The tie-breaker is head-to-head matchups and we’ve beat them both.  Guh.  The Rams would have to beat the Steelers and Cards in their remaining games for us to leapfrog them.  The Jets would have to beat the Titans and Chiefs.  Neither is gonna happen.

49ers (4-10)

Here’s another situation where we screwed ourselves when we beat the 49ers, so if we lose out and they lose out (Bucs and @ Browns), they’ve got our pick.  Doesn’t look good for another Niners win this year, so they’re a lock.


Falcons (3-11)

These poor guys have gotten the shaft from all angels:  their own teammates, the Feds, the league, their own coach, yikes.  Sucks to be Joe Horn and it sucks for Warrick Dunn, one of the leagues real good guys.  Unfortunately good guys get high draft picks.  We could surpass Atlanta w/ their remaining games being in Arizona and at Seattle.  We could catch the Falcons.

Raiders, Chiefs, Ravens (4-10)

The Raiders are at the Jags and at home against San Diego (Spanish for “a whale’s vagina) that looks like 2 losses to me.  The Chiefs finish w/ 2 straight road games at Detroit and at the Jets, so it’s entirely possible that they could win one of those.


Bears (5-9)

Da Bears have the Packers coming into town followed by a trip to Detroit, so I think we’re safe to say that they’ll beat the Lions there.  If not, throw them into the mix too.

Panthers, Cards, Broncos, Lions (6-8)

It’d take a miracle scenario for us to be threatened by these guys, but stranger things have happened.  Keep an eye out.

My prediction is a #6 pick, but we’ll see. 

Also, congrats to Mike Tuminello who won the “Who’s on the Juice?” Pool by correctly amassing 5 points!  Atta boy, Mike!