Billick, Teamwork and My Two Cents

October 25, 2007 | WNST Interns

Being a female sports fan can sometimes be rough. Your opinions are always questioned because of the estrogen factor.

But, let’s face reality: emotions play a HUGE part in sports. They tell us that trivial and sometimes silly actions like hitting a ball 400 feet or running 100 yards without someone knocking you off your feet defend the honor of your city and your “tribe”.

I think it is the honor and loyalty that fuel this debate on whether Ray Lewis’s words criticizing Brian Billick should have been public or not.

I was lucky to attend the Ed Block Sponsors Dinner Monday night at the Rusty Scupper with Brian Billick as the keynote speaker. As we sat down to our salads, Brian Billick arrived from another obligation and began to greet every person in attendance.

He shook everyone’s hand – EVERYONE – and in that intimate room of around 75 people, I heard the comment “rough weekend” at least ten times. Billick always had a diplomatic response and never ducked questions.

He was introduced to the group, gave his keynote address and answered questions posed by the MC’s for the event, Stan Charles and Paul Mittermaier. Questions that included how he deals with losses and other adversity with the team.

He answered them all.

Two things Billick said stood out the most. He said in the 9 years he has been head coach, there have been 67 head coaching turnovers. He also said that he is making Maryland his home and will always live here regardless of his future with the team. I think Ray should have had his words with Billick and only Billick.

Regardless of what we think of Billick’s future and attitude, by knowing a stat like NFL coaching turnovers, it is clear to me that he does not take his job for granted. I think that his public composure about the week’s events and his commitment to his home team, show that he does care. Billick had nothing negative to say about his players. Although I do think, he holds them accountable for their actions behind closed doors.

And hopefully, that passion and commitment to moving forward, like the passion we all have, will make some magic happen.