Blog & Tackle: A trip around sports in 700 words

October 11, 2007 | Chris Pika

The Ravens have a good chance to get to 4-2 this Sunday against the Rams. The purple gang should get into the end zone for six points at least a couple of times against a poor Rams defense. It would be nice to see a few touchdown celebrations instead of Matt Stover doing his Radio City Rockettes imitation to end a Ravens drive with three points.

Speaking of Stover, he continues to close in on fourth place in the NFL’s all-time scoring list. He has 1,761 points — 11 behind Jacksonville’s John Carney, who has 1,772. The all-time leader is the ageless Morten Andersen with 2,474 (and counting). Stover is also now third on the all-time career field goal list with 421, just ahead of Carney’s 419.

From the Ravens game notes — this gem for those who want to see a bit more Willis McGahee in the game plan. He is second in the NFL in total yards from scrimmage with 607 (464 rush and 143 receiving). Interestingly, of the top six listed in the category leaders, McGahee and two others (Travis Henry and Willie Parker) each have only one touchdown and McGahee is the only one of that trio not to get into the end zone through the ground. The leader in yards from scrimmage is Ronnie Brown with 712.

One more from the Ravens, again from the notes package: In his career at Buffalo and with the Ravens, McGahee’s teams are 6-0 against the NFC West. He has rushed for 606 yards, a 4.5-yard per carry average and eight touchdowns against Arizona, Seattle, St. Louis and San Francisco. In four of the six games, he rushed for 100 yards or more.

John Schuerholz decided to step down as Braves’ GM to take the club president’s role and Peter Angelos family favorite Frank Wren will become the club’s GM. I am sure that after his one season as the Orioles’ GM in 1999, Wren is thankful that it didn’t work out and that he went to work for Schuerholz in Atlanta – a stable organization that did nothing but win 14 straight division titles. Now, he gets the reins as the Braves have transitioned to new ownership in the last year and will try to lead them back to the playoffs after a two-year absence. Wren is just another in a long line of former Orioles employees to do much better after leaving the Warehouse. ombudsman (say that three times fast) Le Anne Schrieber published a great article about the opinion cycle of sports instead of a news cycle on their network. If you are a fan of ESPN in its many forms, or you don’t like the overkill of subjects (or “controversies”) that pervades all of their shows or you’d rather have more news than opinion on their telecasts, take the time to read it. Unfortunately, I doubt most at ESPN will take the time to listen to the points as they are usually too busy shouting at one another on the air (see NFL Countdown, NBA Live, etc.).

Will anyone watch the National League Championship Series on TV? TBS, which got postseason baseball on their channel this year, is saddled with this dog, instead of a Chicago-Philadelphia matchup. Heck, Arizona can’t even sell out the first game of the series in advance. The good news for TBS (and for Orioles fans) is that Cal Ripken Jr. did a great job in-studio during the division series telecasts. Hey, ESPN, how about trading Joe Morgan to TBS for Ripken to work with Jon Miller on Sunday nights? The fans would actually learn something about how the game is played from Ripken, instead of hearing the egotistical ramblings of Morgan.

The start of the college basketball season is just one day away as teams from around the country, including the locals here in the Baltimore area, get going. The Terps host Maryland Madness while the Towson Tigers have their Hoop Madness on Friday evening.

Finally, don’t forget that Towson football’s Homecoming is Saturday at Johnny Unitas Stadium against Hofstra at 3:30 p.m. If you can’t be there, listen here at WNST or on the web at