Bye or goodbye?

October 21, 2007 | WNST Interns

Wow, a loss against the Buffalo Bills before the bye. No, I didn’t come away from that game believing the Bills are better than their record indicates. I still believe that they are as bad as their record indicates. I do believe injuries had something to do with productivity in the game, but not enough to determine the outcome.

This was the Baltimore Ravens playing a bad offensive football game. This was the Ravens not creating opportunities for themselves. Again, why does it take desperation for the Ravens’ offense to wake up and take risks. Brian Billick and the boys in purple took lots of chances in the fourth quarter, and benefitted from those chances. I just cannot understand why we wait until our back is against the wall to respond that way. It seems that if we can succeed while being aggressive at a crucial time in the game, we would be a much better offense if we would play an aggressive style at other times in the game.