Florida’s Mike Pouncey is Versatile Lineman

March 29, 2011 | Brian Billick

Mike Pouncey is a versatile lineman that has experience playing almost everywhere on the line of scrimmage…even on defense!  As a freshman, Pouncey actually was a defensive lineman for the Florida gators before moving to the offensive side of the ball his sophomore season.  As a guard, he played alongside his twin brother Maurkice Pouncey, before taking over his center position as a senior.

When you watch Pouncey play, you see a good athlete that plays light on his feet, but can anchor down and get physical when needed.  That athleticism is on display when you watch him pull on counter and trap plays.  He runs a tight line through the hole and gets to the second level quickly to clear a path for the runningback.  His initial punch is powerful and he keeps good leverage to hold up the defender at the line of scrimmage.  As an interior lineman, you don’t always have to drive your defender down the field, sometimes a stalemate is a win.  If the middle of the line allows penetration, it almost always disrupts the timing of the play regardless of it being a run or pass.  Late in the game as fatigue sets in, Mike tends to stand up straighter and bend at the waist rather than the knees.  He will need to fight off the urge to be a consistent performer in the NFL.

Because of his versatility and and body of work, Mike Pouncey will be the first interior lineman to be selected in April’s draft.  It doesn’t hurt that his twin brother, as a rookie, was a key contributor during Pittsburgh’s run to the Superbowl.