Gibbs gets two year extension

December 24, 2007 | WNST Interns

What’s the difference between the Ravens and the Redskins season?
I’m not talking about the Sean Taylor tragedy. That’s in another realm. I don’t want to talk about that realm.
In the toy department, where we can forget about our daily troubles, where the worst thing that can happen is your favorite team loses, that’s the realm I want to talk about.
Joe Gibbs has been given a two-year contract extension. That’s good news for those petty, small people like me who hate all things Washington sports.
Coach Gibbs is a gentleman. He’s a good NASCAR owner, and he was a great coach. “Was” is the operative word.
Gibbs will be 69 years old when this extension expires. He was away from the NFL for 12 years, and although he’s been back for four seasons, one still gets the feeling that he’s trying to catch up to a train that has raced too far down the track.
He’s is already personally responsible for losing one game this year because he was playing by 1996 rules. His second consecutive time-out against the Buffalo Bills resulted in a 15 yard penalty which gave the Bills kicker Ryan Lindell a reachable 36 yard try instead of a mammoth 51 yarder.
This from the guy who was so prepared in his first stint, that he didn’t have time for the rest of the world. An urban legend in DC is that Gibbs once claimed ignorance of a rising superstar named Madonna. He’d been cloistered in all-things-Redskins.
I’m not saying that Coach Gibbs is defrauding Daniel Snyder of his $5 million salary. I’m only saying that he is 67 years old.
He’s not as sharp as he once was. Not everybody can be Joe Paterno.
The fact that this once great, but now over-the-hill coach will be in charge of the Redskins fortunes for two more years warms my cold, disturbed heart.
As the Ravens lick their wounds on their flight from Seattle, I’ll be watching the Redskins and Vikings. If Minnesota wins, the Redskins will be eliminated from the playoffs. This gives me something to root for.
I know it is a petty, small thing, but like I wrote earlier, I am a petty, small man.
It’s been a terrible season for the Ravens. It started with so much hope, but a combination of injuries, bad breaks and poor decisions led to the absolute worst season in Ravens history.
Yes, the Ravens stink. But I’ll enjoy watching tonight’s game. A Skins’ loss and their season will be identical to Baltimore’s. Bottom line— both won’t make the playoffs