In Response To…

December 27, 2007 | WNST Interns

I’ve received lots of response to the WNST NFL Power Rankings throughout the season. Trust me, I’m very thankful for that. In fact, whether you agree or not, I encourage the feedback.

Some of the e-mails and responses I’ve received has been in disagreement with the Power Rankings. People have given their opinions as to where a team should be.

That’s what I love about this system, it has nothing to do with “opinions.” It’s all based on a 50 point system that I put together. I don’t think people really care about a system that is based on what someone thinks. That’s why college football’s system is criticized so much. Even with the BCS, opinions are a part of it.

The WNST NFL Power Rankings are not based on what I think. If you’ve followed the rankings, you would have notice the way points are distributed. I think fans’ anger with the Ravens has caused them to believe the team is at the bottom of the League. The system doesn’t think so. If I could take this time to defend the point system, three teams that the Ravens beat are currently ranked below them. The top 14 teams in the rankings were either play-off or play-off contenders as we entered week 16. There are no play-off or play-off contending teams ranked beneath #15.

The system has notice teams that were about to peak before they actually peaked. The Chargers and the Jaguars were noticed by the system before they went on long winning streaks. Based on the rankings, the system said the Lions were never very impressive, even with an impressive record early in the season. The system told me that the Bears were not going to have a good season because they never rose above the bottom feeders of the League.

Now, the system does have a flaw or two. Browns fans could say the system never truly gave that team any real respect, but their defense never really gave us any cause to give too much respect. Until recently, I think the WNST Rankings gave the Eagles too much respect. Personally, I believe the Tampa Bay Bucs are given too much respect, but they are divisional winners.

Is the system perfect? No. I do believe it’s pretty accurate. I just want to remind listeners that it is not about what I think with this. Points are distributed based on a formular I put together last May. Still, keep the e-mails flowing. I’d love to hear your thoughts.