Is this my worst fantasy???

August 03, 2007 | WNST Interns

Well, its happened!!  Amidst the advent of WNST’s Fantasy Football season, I am now the proud (????) manager of not one but TWO fantasy teams.  Never in a million years would I have thought this day would come.  I have even participated in a draft widows’ night out in the past (you know, the girls get together while the guys are making their player picks).

As a sports fans, I found that draft widows’ dinner pretty boring, but now, I am starting to feel the pressure of maintaining a competitive team.  Can I do it?  I could take one of two approaches: spend every night researching all the great fantasy sites and listening to Thyrl Nelson and Ken Zalis – our in-house fantasy experts – religiously, OR I could employ chance and set up a big dart board, or names out of a hat or something.  I am still deciding.

I know how successful I can be if I apply myself, as I am the proud, two-week-in-a-row winner of the the Gin Mill Pick-The-Winner game (ask bartender Mark now at Canton Liquor House, he’ll vouch for me), but do I want to neglect my family, home, health and free time to show I can do it.  We’ll see?!

I look forward to seeing how this league goes.  Look for registration to start next week!  If you have any questions about WNST happenings or any website stuff, drop me an email at

Go Ravens!